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Offering classes, workshops, retreats, presentations, and keynotes focusing on the self-care of individuals through Mindfulness. These programs are both educational and experiential with an emphasis on making time for your own care. Josh is also available to provide mindfulness instruction for private groups. Please feel free to contact Josh to discuss your group needs.


By creating a safe space based upon friendship, kindness, non-judgment, presence, patience, trust, respect, care, compassions, and open-heartedness participants will have the opportunity to pause, noticing that they are not alone and that they can make choices in their lives, putting their care at the top of the list.

The programs are designed to help people feel more balanced, aware, and empowered. Creating a place where participants can connect on a deeper and more meaningful level, sharing their joys, passions, love, fear, pain, and suffering. Creating a sense of community where individuals have time to connect with one another, take the time to reflect, contemplate, pay attention, and create more balance in their lives. It is a chance for participants to be fully present for themselves and each other.