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Dum Spiro Spero,
While I Breathe,
I Hope


Helping people to take care of themselves, reduce stress, and make their care a priority through Mindfulness.


Life can be exhausting and stressful. Between family, work, and our own personal needs, we all have a lot on our plates. A lot of responsibilities. One may feel pulled into a million different directions. A lot of us are constantly going, going, going and doing, doing, doing. Through it all, we can learn to pause, become more aware, more compassionate. We can take better care of ourselves and find the joy in each moment of our lives. I am dedicated and devoted to bringing Mindfulness and Self-Care to adults and kids alike, helping people to make their care a priority in their lives. Dum Spiro Spero, translated from Latin means, While I Breathe, I Hope. As you are about to check out this page, take a moment to stop and pause, be still and silent.  Take a moment to follow your breath. And, if it helps, say these phrases to yourself:“Breathing in, I am aware. Breathing out, I am here.”

Enjoy and Take Care!

“Often times we are human doings, not human beings.”
• Jon Kabat-Zinn •


Mindfulness has been defined as a way of paying attention, fully and with interest, to what is happening in the present moment, without judgement. Mindfulness involves the practice of being aware of our present-moment experience with curiosity, patience, compassion, and acceptance.

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